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Advisory Board

The government and politicians face a major challenge in adapting policy, legislation, and regulations to the changing labor market in which the gig economy plays a major role. The board ensures that we maintain a focus on our modern employees, bring knowledge and experience into the organization and take a critical look at the goals of as an outsider. Our Advisory Board includes:

Rob de Laat

Rob de Laat has been active in the temporary employment sector for 30 years and, among other things, founded Flex Group Nederland, which was sold to DPA in 2006, and Staffing Management Services, which was sold to the HeadFirst Source group in 2018. For the past four years, he has been chairman of the BOVIP, the Interest Organization for independent hiring intermediaries. He knows the market and political developments like no other and has been actively involved as an advisor since 2019.

Leone Bource

Leone Bource has 30 years of experience as a tax consultant and has worked for all major consultancy firms. With this experience, she founded her own office in 2010. She specializes in all tax aspects related to payroll taxes and social security. She is also the author of several tax books and regularly writes articles on the aforementioned topics. Leone has been involved with since 2015 and has been able to translate market developments and the challenges we face as a labor market into pragmatic solutions. Solutions in which we at translate the wishes of modern workers and society. She has been active on the Advisory Board since 2019.

Frank Blom

Frank Blom has been a serial entrepreneur for 40 years and is mainly active in real estate as an investor and shareholder. As director of Frame Vastgoed, he develops homes and special buildings in the social, medium, and high segments in the Rotterdam region. Frank thinks and works from the perspective of the consumer, the workers with future-proof solutions, dealing with many different, complex stakeholders.

External advisor
Guido van Woerkom

Guido van Woerkom is a former director of the ANWB and chairman of Detailhandel Nederland. He is now known as chairman of the Supervisory Board of GGZ Rivierduinen and Ymere, board member of the Volkswagen Car Claim Foundation, and member of the Social and Economic Council. Guido van Woerkom has been a member of the Advisory Board at since 2019, where he is uniquely able to unite the interests of modern workers, stakeholders, and clients.


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