Verloning.nl is an organisation that is growing fast. We notice that it is not the restriction of our product that is holding back growth, but our reputation. We like to work together with parties that make us more known and we like to be mentioned in blogs or on relevant websites. We measure conversion with a tracking link.

Tracking link

A tracking link is a piece of text that you add to a normal URL with a link to Verloning.nl. By adding this information to the URL, we know whether a user has visited our website via an article or website, registered and can see if this has led to a collaboration.


Depending on the way in which you want to promote us, we make agreements about the remuneration that we offer per registration and remuneration. It goes without saying that we only earn money when we pay. Therefore, the remuneration is higher than that of a registration. Clients may recommend us, but never oblige anyone to do business with us. In the case of a financial incentive, this is not transparent, which is why we do not offer remuneration to clients.

Affiliate banners

Here are some examples of our affiliate banners. Place the banners below on your website and make sure the banners are linked to the unique tracking link.

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If you are enthusiastic about our product and would like to make us known to the market in a structured way, we would like to invite you for a cup of coffee to discuss the possibilities.