Careerwise Traineeship

Research shows that young people find personal development important. You are not alone in this. But how do you do that, develop yourself? How do you find out who you really are, what you really want and how you can make a difference?

Exactly, talent like you deserves development and guidance in the form of a traineeship! So invest in yourself and organize it together with

Because you want to be that strong discussion partner for management. You want to easily create support for your ideas and ensure that your work is seen and heard within an organization!

For this it is important to know who you are, where your talents lie and how you can use them optimally. In the Open Traineeship you learn to work from your talents and realize your ambitions in two years. You become self-aware, stand out and increase your impact. You develop yourself into an indispensable talent and decisive professional. All this with of course a good dose of fun, because at Careerwise learning and fun always go together!

The Careerwise traineeship consists of ten modules that have been specially designed so that you can enjoy the best. In the modules you gain more insight into yourself, the other, how you interact optimally with the world and how you stay in balance. Intervision with your group members takes place between each module. In this way you stay busy with the material in your daily life and work and you learn from your fellow trainees.

How does it work?

During a period of one year starting in September, you will complete the ten modules. You start the traineeship with a personal intake. In the meantime you will receive challenges to practice with the material and you will meet with your fellow trainees for intervision. In the beginning, the intervision is guided by the Careerwise trainer (supervision) so that you learn how to get the best out of being together with your fellow trainees. The modules usually last a whole day and take place at an easily accessible and / or very inspiring location in (near) the Randstad (or online during COVID-19). Halfway through the traineeship, you will review your progress in a 1-on-1 conversation with the trainer and focus your goals towards the end point.

After the Open Traineeship

  • You know what drives you and what your strengths are
  • You are aware of your own behavior when interacting with others
  • You know how to come up with new disruptive ideas
  • You have insight into your role in a team, organization and how you can best work together in this
  • You know how to organize your work smarter and more purposefully
  • You know how to apply a good work-life balance
  • You know how to deal with resistance and other challenges
  • You know how to present yourself clearly and clearly

What does it cost?

This investment in yourself costs € 1,750 and is every Wednesday of the week with the exception of holidays. You can of course also pay for this with your saved points.


Are you interested?

Would you like to discuss your specific situation? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you become your own boss in a way that suits you.