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The model agreement of is made on the basis of an agreement approved by the tax authorities. In view of our services, we have made a number of changes so that the client and contractor have even more certainty. You can also use the model agreement to prevent a situation where there is any question of salaried employment. Our model agreement is widely applicable and covers almost all situations in which freelancers are hired and prevents a false construction risk. Moreover, it is valid for the DBA Act.

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Invoicing and tax

When freelancers work on they send the invoices through our platform, our name with our VAT and Chamber of Commerce number. The model agreement states that we are the company that will invoice the work. We also explain that we pay all compulsory taxes to the tax authorities so that you, the client, do not have to worry about the DBA Act or chain liability. has a g-account issued by the tax authorities. This provides even more certainty that the payment will be received correctly.

If you do not work with our model agreement, we recommend that you make clear arrangements regarding invoicing and payment.

Work, rate and payment term

Of course, you will determine together with the contractor the work to be carried out, the rate (minimum 16 euro) and the payment term (standard 14 days). If you wish, you can also apply a rate indexation of x percent in the model agreement. As with any agreement, both parties comply with the agreement. You can often terminate the agreement prematurely, but a fee can also be linked to this. Record this in advance, so that the cancellation invoice can be charged immediately. Also make agreements about expenses that may or may not be charged to you, such as telephone and travel expenses.

Security well managed

We see an increasing number of clients who place higher demands on working with freelancers. That is why we offer our freelancers the following options, which should certainly make you feel safe as a client.

In our model agreement, we always exclude financial loss. We can, if desired, insure this. The freelancer can contact us to find a tailor-made solution with our insurance partners.

We have limited the excess to 5000 euros, but if this is not in proportion to the contract, you can require the freelancer to increase the insured amount to 2.5 million euros per case. This only costs the freelancers 125 euro. If the freelancer insures this, we will confirm this on each invoice, so that there is never any ambiguity about this for the client. We also confirm this in writing in the model agreement.

There are clients who, mainly due to the increasing uncertainty of the law, impose additional requirements on the payments of freelancers. We can give this assurance to the client. If the freelancer takes out social insurance, we will not only pay the standard wage tax and national insurance contributions, but also the employee insurance (WW, WAO, WIA and ZW). This gives a certain feeling that the freelancers are well insured.

It is always a nice thought that when you work with our model agreement, you never have to worry about the DBA law or retrospective assessments by a competent authority. If you adhere to our model agreement, we at take full responsibility for all tax legislation and/or social security legislation that a withholding agent has. We take care of all costs, additional taxes, fines and interest and we even take over the entire legal procedure.



iDIN and Signature

We have automated all processes as much as possible. That's why we sign with iDIN. With iDIN, documents can be legally signed remotely.

Own agreements

At we find it important and necessary to make agreements. Of course, you can also work with your own agreements, which you can add online so that all agreements are clearly available. For example, use our sample text.

Would you like to know what our model agreements look like? You can easily see an example below. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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