One wants more vacation days, the other prefers retirement security and the other mainly wants a big lease box. Secondary employment conditions are very personal. Yet you often have little influence on the various options. As if you are in a restaurant with an extensive menu, but you can only order the schnitzel with fries.

Own direction

Every employee wants a good salary. Everyone agrees on that. But otherwise it is a forest of preferences and divisions. One wants a lease car, the other an e-bike, the other works from home. One wants a retirement, the other prefers to invest himself and the other prefers to spend everything now. And for one employee, many vacation days are a must, while the other keeps dragging them along to the next year. You can only determine the value of your secondary conditions yourself?

There are now companies that do this to a limited extent: the cafeteria model. A worker receives a budget and is allowed to shop with that budget within the organization, or sometimes even outside it. Yet there are many companies and employment agencies that do not do this, for example because they adhere to a collective labor agreement.

And there are companies that do it, but not as the model is intended. They see it as trading conditions to their own appreciation, instead of yours. Or companies that promise you mountains of gold, but end up with a not so favorable exchange.

That's crazy.

With Verloning.nl we are the payroll administrator of the worker himself. We continuously look for the best deals and do not have a double agenda. For us it does not matter whether you want more salary or more retirement, or more holidays or a learning budget: we just want you to get the best deal and we look for it. You decide, whereby we naturally always comply with the legal requirements. For example, you cannot cancel your subscription to the Tax Authorities and we always have long-term illness covered. Time to take matters into your own hands and choose your own terms of employment.

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