Employment agencies. Once set up to link employees and employers. Meanwhile, the opposite seems to be the truth. Temporary employment agencies are often mainly to deter your employer and above all to have you pay a high commission on you, under a contract over which you as an employee have nothing to say.

Can't see the forest for the trees

Many services and services are provided by intermediaries who especially emphasize how complex the laws and regulations are and how high the risks are. In itself a reassuring thought that we have a lot of expertise in the market to protect employers against this. But what protection do you get as an employee?

In order to operate profitably, an employment agency often adheres to a number of conditions. The best-known condition is that a temporary worker must have worked at least 1040 hours through the temporary employment agency before the temporary worker can be employed by the client to pay for the recruitment and selection costs. But if you continue to work for the same employer through the employment agency, he will also pay the same rate after all those hours.

That's a) lazy, that's b) misleading and that's c) crazy.

Because that mobile phone with a subscription cannot be charged indefinitely, right?

However, employers often do not know where to look. Not surprising, if you read this list: temporary employment, ZP mediation, MSP, FMS, Consultancy, Payroll, Interim, RPO, ATS, Consultancy agencies, Secondment, Contract management, VMS, Self-sourcing tools ... And then almost every company also has its own regulations and quality marks.

Time to take matters into your own hands. You choose your employer, you choose your own intermediary. One that is transparent about the additional costs, one where you can choose your own terms of employment. And one that you love to let go where you want. You choose your employer, then you also choose your paycheck.

The VAR back, a model agreement or everyone in paid employment. Our advice is a broad withholding statement as it now also exists for artists, so that there is more clarity and transparency. We legally elaborated this idea in May 2019 (this idea is available on request) for the Ministry of Social Affairs. In such a statement, minimum rates and maximum margins can also be applied, but also certain securities such as liability, disability and retirement.

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