Suppose you were allowed to choose between money and free time? More days off as an employment condition often means that you become more expensive. Unless you turn it around and you allow yourself to be rewarded on the basis of value. This way you can determine yourself what your conditions are.


70 percent of workers feel that they experience too little free time. And those are not only people with children. Because of the people between 18 and 34 years old, 59 percent experience that they have too little free time.

In Sweden an experiment has been carried out in healthcare. Here, nurses were placed on shifts of six hours a day instead of eight hours a day for two years. Sickness absence decreased, people experience a better work-life balance, better health and lower stress levels. Nevertheless, we still see full-time working as the norm.

That's crazy.

Among the 18 to 24 year olds, it appears that one third already works part-time in order to be able to combine social life and household with work. They consciously look for part-time careers and want more control over their lives and income. There is a relatively large group of people who do not work part-time with burnout symptoms.

In the past, working full-time was the only way to the top. Fortunately, that has now changed and you notice that more and more companies are looking at your value in the organization. A strong part-time culture is therefore developing in the Netherlands. Impact and social contacts become more important than money and status. And part-time work is now becoming increasingly important after the corona crisis to keep more people in work. A win-win situation in our view.

Let's better shape our career by directing that career. Let's pay more attention to our social capital, especially now. Where human contacts are essential, a society of tomorrow.

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