From primary school we are concerned with who we are and what we want to become. We are prepared for this until we have finished school, our education or our studies. But when you finally really start working, you are usually thrown in to see if you can swim. Our company invests capital to enable you to study for job security, but then leave it to your employer whether you can secure your income.

Job coaching

Often an employer only chooses to invest in you when you increase the value of the organization. Strange though. Because for some employers it is useful if you do not continue to learn, so that you can no longer earn or leave for someone else. And a job coach? You often only get this when it is too late and you have been stuck in your work for years. Or you are in the kick seat and have to change jobs, because the company has to reorganize or your job has been digitized.

Shouldn't you get a work MOT every year? Just consider whether you can continue to do the work for the coming years, physically or mentally. Do you like it? What is your vision on your career and where can we make this even better? A job coach will talk to you and hold up a mirror to you. So that you get to know yourself as an employee.

Because society is changing rapidly and many companies and organizations have few reserves. Sometimes there is no place left for you in a reorganization - or sometimes even a bankruptcy. That is why being able to change profession and sector is essential to be assured of work. Through job coaching, courses and retraining. For example, employees can keep up with changes in their own job or switch to another job.

In an ideal world, the government would not only allow you to be coached during your school and training, but also during your work. Job security is now fully organized by those who have the power to fire us and who are in charge of our working conditions.

That's crazy.

Hopefully the government will do something about it. But let's not wait for that and take matters into our own hands in the meantime. At Verloning.nl you not only opt for a transparent pay slip, but you will soon also be able to choose a job coach, regardless of your age and regardless of the phase, industry or profession in which you work.

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