What you earn is what your employer is willing to do for you. And what you earn is on your paycheck. However? Guess again. Your paycheck only shows your gross salary and your net salary. You often have no insight into the actual employer costs.

Your paycheck does not honestly tell you what you earn

For example, if you are a freelancer through an employment agency or payroll construction, the employer's costs are often much higher than you think. You are often worth a lot more in such a construction than you ultimately earn. Your paycheck tells you nothing about these additional costs, while your employer does pay to let you work for him.

The fact that you have no insight into this is largely because intermediaries and HR managers prefer not to have you know what they earn from you as a temporary worker or seconded person. And in the meantime you fall under a collective labor agreement that you often have not chosen yourself.

Regardless of what kind of work you do, what your home situation is or what future dreams you have. Others determine your vacation days, your retirement, your insurance policies and above all: what you will cost for your client.

That's crazy!

It works the other way around too. Does your employer receive a subsidy from you through the UWV or a statutory regulation because, for example, you are over 55 or have a disability? You don't know about that unless someone tells you that in the corridors. Do you have a permanent contract? Then that saves your employer 5 percent insurance costs on an annual basis. Value that is added by you as a person, but you do not receive that information.

That's crazy!

All these things have appeared on the political agenda a few times, but unfortunately without effect. It's time to take matters into your own hands. You choose your employer? Then you choose your paycheck yourself. One that honestly tells you what you deserve.

How much do you really earn? And what is the share on which you cannot decide for yourself? Let's take a step-by-step through your employer costs in the model below.

Don't be alarmed.

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