Maybe it is already very far away. Maybe it is almost already. In almost all cases, it is wise to build up a nest egg in addition to your AOW. The government thinks so too. That is why you get a lot of tax benefits. Yet an employer or temporary employment agency often does not allow you to arrange where you will accrue that retirement yourself.

Save your own retirement

Our retirement system is designed in such a way that it is practically impossible to choose with whom you save retirement. You work in a certain sector and you are forced to become a customer of a retirement fund with which a deal was concluded years ago. And that means that there are more than 200 retirement providers, but no market forces. And so customer satisfaction hardly plays a role.

That's crazy.

Shouldn't we choose where and how much retirement we save? And what do we find important in this? Such as a high return, or that you don't invest your future in weapons and oil, for example. Or, for example, that you prefer not to change your retirement when you change employer, so that you will not have a retirement overview that contains as many retirement providers as employers you had.

We believe that you should be able to decide for yourself where you save your retirement, that you can take control of your retirement provider and that you should be able to make your own choices based on return and reliability. Or on the basis of clarity, if you prefer not to switch retirement funds when you choose a new job. It's your paycheck.

That is why we are also in constant talks with the retirement providers to get separate connections, so that everyone can choose according to which scheme he or she can accrue retirement or annuity. After all, we all benefit from that.

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