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Become self-employed

No more boss for you, no employment agency, no payroll. You are going to become self-employed! But did you know that you don't have to go to the Chamber of Commerce to register immediately? You can also become a freelancer via This way you no longer have to worry about your cash book, your payments and your risks.

Which working method suits you?

Do you no longer want to work for a boss? Or can you not find a boss who wants to hire you permanently, but still wants to hire you? Then you can become self-employed. Many people immediately think of a Chamber of Commerce registration in order to become self-employed, self-employed without staff. But is that actually necessary? Perhaps it is much smarter to become a freelancer via And if you want, you can still call yourself self-employed. The law does not know the definition of self-employed persons at all.

It may sound cool, being an entrepreneur with a Chamber of Commerce registration. But luck comes with quite a bit of hassle. Sending your invoices is still fun, at least, the first time, but you also have to keep records. Make a cash book, VAT declaration. Keep your records for seven years. Draw up conditions. Three different clients arrange, demonstrate at least 1250 hours per year for the self-employed deduction and then the annual statement... short: having your own company yields a lot, but also costs you a lot. That is why it is important to check why you want to become your own boss. Because maybe you just want to be free in your work and not depend on one boss. Or maybe you want to know when you're taking vacation days, or you don't want a boss because you want to backpack in Asia for most of the year without worries. There are so many reasons to become self-employed. And not every reason comes out to the Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce, when?

In 2020, you actually only start a Chamber of Commerce company if you can get tax benefits from it. That is the case if the Tax and Customs Administration runs your company as an IB company. Then, from a tax point of view, entrepreneurship is the best solution for you because of the self-employed, investment and start-up allowance. If this is not the case, and that is the case in 80 percent of the Chamber of Commerce registrations, the tax authorities will see you as a ROW entrepreneur: Result From Other activities. Or also: a hobby entrepreneur.

If you are a ROW entrepreneur, you will not receive any deductions, but, just like an IB entrepreneur, you must meet all kinds of requirements, such as VAT payment, invoicing and keeping accounts that meet the requirements of the tax authorities and that too. can be requested by the tax authorities for another 7 years to see if you did it correctly. For all those people, or people who especially do not feel like that enormous package of rules and risks, there is

IB or ROW?

The tax authorities have made a fine check, from which you can see if doing business is a good option for you. It is important, for example, whether you want to continue your company for longer, whether you want to be liable for debts of your own company. Also whether you will have three clients per year, can determine your own rates and what happens if you are sick in your own company.

If you do not comply with the entrepreneur check, you are most likely not entitled to tax benefits from entrepreneurship and you will not work according to the DBA Act. But you do have the obligations and risks. In all those cases, it is simply much smarter to become a freelancer via Because through us you have everything easily and properly arranged.

And absolutely everything, such as your insurance and all mandatory payments, are neatly paid in advance. Remuneration is transparent about the costs you incur for using our service and gives you the certainty that your salary and remittances are properly arranged at all times, everywhere. It does not matter how many clients you have, how high your salary is and how many invoices we have to send. In the meantime, more than 21,000 freelancers preceded you, who gave our company an average of 9.3, of which 96 percent (just repeat: 96 percent!) Would recommend us.

Want to start carefree?

So if you decide that you are ready for entrepreneurship, but especially in the form of carefree entrepreneurship, offers you the perfect alternative. With us you work from a 'fictitious employment contract'. You instruct us to arrange your employment, after which you choose your client or several clients. This way, all taxes are well arranged for you and your client in advance.

So you keep full control over your income, when you work, for whom you work. You can register without obligation and experience how easy it is to work on the assignments without any worries afterwards. If you decide that entrepreneurship is more interesting later on, you simply switch.


Are you interested?

If you would like to discuss your specific situation, please feel free to contact us. We will help you to become your own boss in a way that suits you.