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Freelance insurance

With you take control of your income without surprises afterwards. Having your taxes properly arranged is one thing, but some risks are too great to bear. We are continuously working on our services with the aim of making your life better, safer and easier. View below which solutions we have developed or arranged collectively. We offer all our benefits and services not for profit, so you always have the best deal!

Disability insurance

You are incapacitated for work if you can no longer work. This can be due to illness or an accident, also outside your work, such as during sports. Incapacity for work has a major impact and the financial consequences are often incalculable. That is why we think disability insurance is so important that we have built the first collective occupational disability insurance in the Netherlands in collaboration with ABN Amro insurance and Avero Achmea. We offer no closing costs and a five-year coverage from 2.4% gross!

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When we transfer the employee insurance policies to the UWV for you, you are insured according to the rules of the UWV against loss of income due to illness and disability. The premiums change every year. When we pay you with social insurance, you build up your employment history with the UWV, this can be attractive if you need benefit later.

Invoices paid immediately

Do you always want to have your invoices paid? Then choose facoting. When you choose factoring, the factoring company takes over the risk of payment completely. The only thing we need to pay the invoice immediately is an agreement from your client that the invoice is correct. This way you no longer run the risk of whether your client may not be able to pay your invoice. We offer factoring in collaboration with Factris for only 2 percent of the invoice value.

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Retirement ... we talk about it a lot, but it often fails. Saving a pension is very easy. You pay a fixed percentage to your pension scheme together with Brand New Day. Complicated? No not at all! You can easily make an online call with Brand New Day and discuss your wishes. We will take care of the rest for you. With you have arranged it well! We think it is so important that you have it properly arranged, that we pay your annual fee and thanks to our cooperation you pay less management costs.

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Corporate Liability

One of those things you can insure as a freelancer is corporate liability. It is always good to limit the risk of liability in the model agreement with your client. We work closely with ABN Amro insurance to be able to offer liability insurance as soon as possible. Contact us for customization.

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Other insurance

We continuously work to improve our services with customization. Behind the scenes we are currently working on professional liability insurance, legal assistance and accident insurance. If you have any suggestions or wishes, please let us know, because we are there for you, so that you can work on the assignments you want without any worries.


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