With Verloning.nl you have the all-in-one solution for freelancing. Since 2012 you can send an invoice for your work in no time. We will help you with the entire bookkeeping and the net amount that you have left is exactly the amount that you will have deposited into your account after all mandatory taxes have been paid. This way we help you to save time and stress!

Below you can see a demo version of our invoice module as it appears on our platform.

Costs and fees

If you incur expenses, you can easily declare them to us and, if desired, include them on the invoice for your client. We ensure that the expenses are fiscally attractive if they are necessary for the practice of your profession. Read the possibilities here.

Remuneration period

When the invoice has been paid by your client or is paid directly via factoring, we will process this in the period of your choice. Select the period to which your work relates or divide your income into periods in which you have earned less, so that the payroll tax to be paid is evenly distributed.


If you supply services or products, you will have to deal with VAT. You pay the VAT to the tax authorities. Depending on the type of service, there are different VAT rates, such as 9 percent for performing artists or zero percent for teaching children under the age of 21. This must be clearly stated on the invoice. You can transfer the VAT to foreign companies if the fiscal code is known. You can read more here.

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