The benefits of online training are enormous. The online training courses of SkillsTown can be followed as well as high-quality when it suits you. Online training ensures that you absorb teaching material faster compared to traditional training courses and that makes them more efficient for you.

SkillsTown Online training

SkillsTown is the online trainer for professionals. Through on-demand learnings, SkillsTown enables you to move with the constantly changing world around you. In the form of hundreds of online training courses, assignments and learnings, SkillsTown responds to new and own ways of learning in every phase of life. In order to increase knowledge and skills, stimulate change capacity and contribute to remaining attractive in the labor market.

How does it work

When you purchase this product, you will receive your personal login code from us and you can make unlimited use of alle trainingen beschikbaar op SkillsTown.

What does it cost

In your personal account, under products you can purchase this product for only € 100. You can also buy this product with points.

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