Work and stay healthy. An important subject for many self-employed people in the Netherlands. After all, being sick costs money, your money. The health coach not only helps you if you drop out, but also helps you not to drop out. You are connected for € 10, - per month. We arrange everything for you. You just have to press the button.

Your personal specialist in case of drop out and especially in preventing it

Take control of your own life. That is your main motivation as a self-employed person. Then it's not just about what if I drop out? Then preventing you from dropping out is just as important. After all, continuing to work is essential for you. That is why there is the Tulpenfonds Health coach. A specialist with years of experience who actively guides you in the event of a drop out, but who ensures that you stay healthy.

Someone who is always available. Who gives you tips and thinks along with you. It acts in your interest, rather than that of the insurer or the employer. He understands that dropping out costs money. Your money. In short, a specialist who is especially there for you.

Anna, Health coach at the Tulpenfonds is happy to tell you more

How does it work?

As a self-employed person, you tend to keep going. But sometimes you have to pause. So you know how you are doing.

That is why you get a health check every six months, through a short questionnaire. You will receive advice based on your answers.

If you are ill, you will receive adequate help from the coach so that you can get back to work quickly. For example, he will refer you to an expert who will help you get better and reintegrate. In addition, you will receive the Tulpenfonds health newsletter every 6 weeks, with tips and advice.

The health check

You can do a short health check every six months. This check gives you a good idea of how you experience your health. The result of the check acts as a traffic light. Green: Beautiful, you feel healthy. Orange: you feel reasonably healthy, but some extra attention is needed. Your coach will help you with this. Red: you don't feel well, and prevention of downtime is necessary. Your coach will contact you directly to discuss what is necessary.

The health check is anonymous and only visible to you and the coach, so that you can actively responds in the event of a red situation. Of course you want to get yourself back on green as soon as possible.

Sign Up

The Health Coach is a subscription that you can cancel monthly. It costs € 10 per month, but for the freelancers of Verloning.nl Tulpenfonds has a special offer of € 5 per month. The costs will be charged at the start until the end of the year. If you cancel before that time, you will simply receive the excess paid back.

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