Freelance work without hassle!

You do what you do best and we'll take care of the rest. Work on assignments without a Chamber of Commerce or VAT number.

  • Add your client and invoice him for the work.
  • After payment, all mandatory taxes are paid correctly.
  • You are in charge, insured for sickness and liability, save for your retirement, get paid within 1 day.

With it is well organised for you and your client, also according to the DBA Act!


The advantages of

Really easy

  • No accounting required
  • No Chamber of Commerce registration required to freelance
  • No VAT number required to invoice
  • Invoice quickly and easily online with your account
  • Net payout without surprises afterwards

Well managed

  • Social security, such as incapacity for work well regulated
  • Save as you like
  • Business liability well regulated up to 2.5 million
  • Accident insurance in the event of incapacity for work
  • Fair retirement

You're in charge

  • You choose the conditions, which you can change
  • Guaranteed highest net payout
  • Make independent arrangements with your client via our model agreement
  • Bill as many times as you want and get paid immediately

Your client

  • Easily make good arrangements with our model agreement
  • Full indemnification for all payments
  • DBA Act protected without surprises afterwards
  • Statement of payment behaviour of the tax authorities
  • Extra security thanks to our g-account


You're in charge of your terms

With our online calculation tool, you can see immediately what your net balance is on your invoice. Fill in the rate below and see what you have left net from your order or per period. Click on calculation options for a detailed calculation according to your wishes.

Example calculation


Compare the legal approach below Payroll Sole proprietorship ROW Without KvK but with VAT number Single proprietorship IT Ltd, Private Company, Private Limited Company
Basis Online Employment contract CoC Tax Authorities CoC Notary
Cost 5% Commission 5-15% Commission Bookkeeper + CoC registration Bookkeeper + CoC registration Bookkeeper + CoC registration Accountant + incorporation of notary
Income and Health Insurance Act Salary from employment Salary from employment Result from other work Result from other work Income from business Salary from employment
Employee insurance WW and WAO
Incapacity for work (from 12.000 turnover)
Administrative relief
VAT declaration taken care of
Self-direction over conditions and income
For an indefinite period of time
DBA Law protected
Self-employed and starter allowance
Conclusion Hassle-free freelancing In paid employment but unburdened like employees Turnover as at 2019 up to 9000 euro Turnover as at 2019 up to 9000 euro Tax benefits if you are a real entrepreneur Favourable at 150,000+ euro profit
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What our 17.759 freelancers say about us

II have nothing to criticize for your service! I would recommend this to every freelancer!

Maria Petronella de Jong

I am very satisfied with your service and with your fast payments!

Angelique Rijswijk

As a freelancer I work in the sports industry. I would like to share my passion, knowledge and experience with others. I get a lot of energy from that. What gives me less energy is the administrative hassle and all the rules that apply to be able to perform my freelance work. offers a solution to this for me.

Since 2014 I have been registered with and I am very satisfied with it. is a no-nonsense organization that provides service in a professional and transparent manner. I can prepare my invoices in a quick and easy way, which can then be sent directly to clients with one push of a button.

Lizz Weijenburg

My client recommended to me. It is very useful because I am not dealing with the disadvantages that come with working as a freelancer. In addition to the fact that invoicing is easy, partly due to the clear website, I really enjoy contact with I can go to them with all my questions and I always get a quick answer. I would definitely recommend!

Sanne Bijleveld

I work for many different clients and of course everyone has something different and is so simple and ideal. I would recommend it to any freelancer!

Shaila Tulp

No stress. You have made a great service. I would definitely recommend you!

Chanan Wolters

I thought it took some time getting used to working with in the beginning, but as I worked with it more often and I noticed the structure of the invoices, it became easier and easier. I could always come for questions, I found this very pleasant. The longer I worked with, it became a piece of cake. I find highly recommended for freelancers!

Nick Joosten

I find you very helpful. You always have answers to all my questions and that is great!

Maria Lourdes de Vera

I am very satisfied with your customer-friendliness!
You always speak nicely and take time for me!

Colette Fiolet

I have been using for several years because of my work as a freelancer in the group fitness industry. I am a chaotic person when it comes to keeping records ... has made administration so much easier. All I have to do is add a client, fill in the agreed agreements and I can send invoices. Those clients are stored, so declaring the next time is even faster. This smart concept combined with good service makes it truly freelancing without hassle.

Melroy Oostra

8,78 Rating
96,92 % Would recommend us