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More and more people are discovering the advantages of freelance work. However, it sounds easier than it is. Think of all the rules, the administration, the risks and everything else involved. If a freelancer hasn’t got it right, it also affects you as a client. Recommend us so that both your contractor and you avoid any risk. With, everything is well regulated: no surprises afterwards!

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When you recommend, you know where you stand and you are assured that everything is well regulated. No legal hassle with the Dutch Tax Authority, uncertainty about agreements or surprises afterwards. has a G-account and a tax declaration of payment history, so you can be sure that everything is 100% in order for you and your contractors.

Guaranteed well arranged

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At, we think it is important to lay down agreements properly. In your account you can easily create and sign our standard model. Of course, you can also work with your own agreement, which you can add online. Our model agreement is based on the approved “No authority” model agreement of the Dutch Tax Authority.

Make good agreements

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Payment takes care of the administration for contractors and adds value such as offering insurance, training, and the possibility of pension accrual and reserves; but is not involved in the terms and conditions the contractor agrees with their client. After payment of the invoice, we will pay the contractor net after deduction of all compulsory taxes. With, you can truly reward people in a fair and transparent way, without the risks involved of hiring self-employed persons.


Everything well arranged

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With, all legal payments are always made. It is a pleasant feeling to know that things are really well regulated. We always have an up-to-date declaration of payment history and, for extra security, a G-account. If contractors use our services more often, we offer accident and death insurance free of charge. And we require our contractors to take out occupational disability insurance if their turnover is substantial. That way, you as a client also know that your contractors are well insured and have excellent insurance coverage.

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Whether your contractors have one client or several, work a lot or a little, and whether the jobs lasts longer than one year or not, provides the solution to arrange your hiring properly.

  • Modern self-employed persons will thank you for the recommendation, our modern self-employed persons give us an average rating of a 9,6.

  • With a client account on, we offer you a clear overview of all your contractors and invoices.

Your recommendation is worth gold

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