Who are we

About Verloning.nl

Verloning.nl started in 2012 to serve the growing group of freelancers and to meet the need to work without a permanent contract and under one’s own direction. Verloning.nl takes care of the records and securities for freelancers but is not involved in the conditions that the freelancer agrees with his or her client. Verloning.nl provides this service for more than 24.613 registered people who want to work well and safely.


Existing solutions

We have various solutions to regulate labour supply fiscally well:

  • Self-employed persons who invoice with a Chamber of Commerce or VAT number
  • employers who enter into a private-law employment relationship with their employees clients who assign their staff to a payroll company in order to prevent risks and administration
  • clients who place their staff with a payroll company to prevent risks and administration
  • temporary employment agencies that help clients to find and post staff
  • contractors who mediate for clients with self-employed persons in order to optimise the hiring process and to prevent risks.

We find solutions aimed at employers/clients and we see that freelancers can take control themselves, but without solutions to properly manage risks and administration, and we support the freelancer who wants to work independently in all aspects of freelancing, without losing control of his own.

Problem identification

Freelancers have many opportunities in the labour market. They can take charge, work independently and generate more income, but there are risks lurking... The government wants to prevent improper use of the tax benefits, combat bogus self-employment and at the same time stimulate entrepreneurship. Therefore, we want safe and good solutions:

  • administrative obligation
  • well-insured work
  • improper use of tax facilities
  • risks of late payment
  • guaranteeing the payment obligation for VAT & IT (Income Tax)

With the strong growth of freelancers, the uncertainty that gig workers have and the unburdening of people who want to work independently become greater. However, they can easily arrange the administration and security with Verloning.nl.

Our solution

Verloning.nl relieves you by invoicing and rewarding you and facilitating securities for freelancers. We are not involved in the conditions that the freelancer agrees with his or her client. In this way, the freelancer retains full control over his or her assignments. We always arrange all compulsory taxes and pay them for the freelancer by placing the freelancer on our payroll as a fictitious employee so that we can withhold the compulsory taxes via withholding tax in order to avoid surprises afterwards. We offer full control over terms and conditions that the freelancer can choose at no extra cost, such as savings and pension. Through smart collaboration with insurers, we also offer honest and adequate solutions that freelancers need, such as incapacity for work or business liability. We do this transparently and honestly and charge a fixed commission of 5 percent on the invoice.

Are you interested?

Would you like to discuss your specific situation? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you become your own boss in a way that suits you.