Legal advice

No one expects to need legal expenses insurance and yet every now and then we see a legal conflict. Good legal advice in advance often helps, but high costs afterwards. In collaboration with Lextone, Verloning.nl offers good advice and clear answers to your questions about legal subjects for a modest amount per year. You can also contact us with other legal issues. You get unlimited access to a team of lawyers.

How does it work?

When you live, live and work, you can have conflicting interests and a conflict is just around the corner. Prevention is often better than cure and accessible legal advice can prevent a lot. Lextone's first-line support is very extensive, so you always have an expert lawyer at hand. If you take out a subscription to Lextone Legal Aid, you will find their e-mail address and telephone number in your account, which you can call unlimited.

If you run the risk of high legal costs, we recommend that you take out legal assistance insurance. This covers you against the legal costs in a procedure.

Lextone is the legal extension of organizations. In collaboration with Lextone, we offer their legal helpdesk unlimited for a small amount per year.

What does it cost?

You pay € 30,- per year to make unlimited use of the Lextone Legal Advice helpdesk. You always close the helpdesk every year. You are therefore not committed to anything and every year we ask you whether you want to renew the policy.


Are you interested?

Would you like to discuss your specific situation? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you become your own boss in a way that suits you.