Catering wholesaler

Shopping in the catering wholesaler Sligro is a party in itself. The market leader in food service for enterprising Netherlands. Sligro knows better than anyone what service means with regard to food and non-food products. With 50 branches, there is always one nearby. Because the catering wholesaler buys in bulk, you pay less.

Together with Verloning.nl, you can now work as a freelancer at the catering wholesaler Sligro. With our joint pass you can easily shop at all Sligro stores. Read here about the conditions and where you can download the pass.

How does it work?

When you go to Sligro, you must show the barcode of our Sligro card before your products are scanned.

What does it cost?

In your personal account, under benefits, we ask for a symbolic amount of 5 euros. By completing your account you have enough points to receive this benefit for free, so you immediately know how our points system works.


Are you interested?

Would you like to discuss your specific situation? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you become your own boss in a way that suits you.