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Creating an invoice is the all-inclusive solution for modern work. 50.449 modern workers are already working via We take care of the entire bookkeeping for modern workers and ensure that all mandatory taxes are handled in a proper and orderly manner. As a client, you can make use of reverse billing. For example, for a contractor, you can send invoices to yourself through your client account, but we also offer you the possibility to work with CSV statements and APIs.

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Expenses and VAT

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The government has set different VAT rates for various services. applies the VAT rate of the contractor's service. For the contractor, is a payroll administrator and bookkeeper rolled into one. On our commission, the contractor will of course pay the VAT rate corresponding to our services.

As a client, you can pay the amount due in a lump sum to, and we will handle all payments and remunerate the contractor. But we also make use of a G account. This is a frozen account specifically intended for payroll taxes. As a client, you can therefore transfer the amount you owe us in two parts: one part to and the other to the G account. We always clearly state both options on the invoice you receive from us. In this way, we offer you a little extra security. We also periodically request a statement of payment behaviour from the tax authorities. For a secure feeling to feel secure.

Contractors go to work full of enthusiasm, and once the work is done, they like to be paid quickly. This is only logical, since they also have bills to pay. Contractors working through can choose to have their invoices pre-funded from as little as 1%. But if you, as a client, have the assurance that the invoicing will go exactly as planned, you can save them this cost and, along with sharing a payment summary via CSV or our API, can make the payment in advance. A unique added value that is highly valued by modern workers.

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