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The assurance that everything is in order

More and more clients are placing higher demands on working with contractors. We therefore offer our contractors the following insurances to ensure everything is in order: for you, as a client, but also for the contractors themselves. Thanks to our collective partnerships, we've got it all covered.

Liability insurance

We offer a liability insurance, in partnership with ABN Amro, which protects the contractor in case of damage during the work assignment. The coverage is € 1.25 million per case with an excess of € 125. The costs depend on the profession and vary between € 107.45 and € 275.40 per year.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance covers any damage caused during an accident by the payment of a lump sum. This concerns accidents that leave you permanently disabled or dead. Our accident insurance will pay out a maximum of € 100,000 to the worker or next of kin. The costs depend on the profession and vary between € 47.45 and € 59.45 per year.

Legal expenses insurance

Nobody thinks they will need a legal expenses insurance and yet, every now and then, a legal conflict arises. A conflict can be very expensive because of the lawyer's fees. A legal conflict is not just expensive but also emotionally draining if you have to do everything yourself. From that perspective, the annual premium for a legal expenses insurance in partnership with ARAG and ABN Amro insurance seems quite reasonable, and is a lot less than what a lawyer charges per hour. The costs depend on the profession and vary between € 288.69 and € 432.04 per year.

Professional disability insurance

It is important for contractors to be insured against incapacity for work, which is why we make it compulsory in many cases. We cover this risk in partnership with Avéro Achmea and ABN Amro insurance. After all, anyone can find themselves incapable of working (fully or partially) due to an illness or accident, either on or off the job. This way, as a client, you also know that your contractors are properly insured.


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