Done properly

Prevention is better than cure

When you hire people, you receive an invoice for their services. But is this actually done properly? Recommend us to your freelancers, to be sure that your contractor has his or her affairs in order, works DBA-proof, and is properly insured. Via you will receive an all-in invoice from your contractor, with a guarantee of no surprises afterwards.


Laws and regulations

You can no longer see the forest for the trees: the abolition of the VAR (Declaration of Independent Contractor Status), the BGL Act (Concept No Payroll Tax), and now the DBA Act (Deregulation Assessment of Labour Relations) and the ALT (Low Rate Employment Contract). The aim of these laws is to provide clarity as to whether you are working with a genuine self-employed person, are dealing with false self-employment, and/or whether the freelancer's rate is sufficient for working as a self-employed person. With we are happy to take these worries off your hands by having all such matters properly arranged in advance.

The solution


Whether your contractors have one or more clients, work a lot or a little, and whether the assignment lasts longer than a year, with you have the solution at hand to properly handle your hiring. Our modern workers will thank you for the recommendation, as they give us an average rating of 9,3. With a client account on you can easily recommend us and we will provide you with a clear overview of all your contractors and invoices.


Are you interested?

If you would like to discuss your specific situation, please feel free to contact us. We will help you to become your own boss in a way that suits you.