Well settled

Working with Verloning.nl

When you work with Verloning.nl, we agree that everything is well organized; so that you don't have any surprises afterwards. The amount you receive on your account is therefore net. The wage tax and premiums have already been paid. And if you have incurred expenses, we can reimburse them untaxed. Easily calculate what you have left at the bottom.

Wat do I earn?

To clarify

What does it mean?

No more administration

How nice would that be ... no more administration! When you get paid by Verloning.nl, you have an all-in-one package. Of course it is wise to make agreements with your client; you can easily arrange this via your account. In addition to your agreements, your invoicing, the taxes paid and the many benefits are clearly arranged in your account. Of course there is also customer service that you are happy to help.

Taxes well organized

After your client has paid your invoice, we will ensure that you are paid net within two days. All mandatory premiums, chosen conditions, wage tax and VAT are withheld and / or paid in advance. Expenses and certain conditions are also clearly settled in the tax return. At the end of the year you will of course receive a clear statement of your income and we will ensure that this is already pre-filled in your IB declaration. Is that also arranged right away.

Work under your own conditions

Your work, your conditions. At Verloning.nl you are in control: pension, vacation, insurance, savings and more. Simply choose the conditions that suit you. This way you create your ideal work and all your taxes are properly arranged immediately.

What do you want? You work, so it makes sense that you decide, right?


Are you interested?

Would you like to discuss your specific situation? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you become your own boss in a way that suits you.