Retirement. Probably one of the most urgent topics for freelancers in the Netherlands. And at the same time that which remains the most. Will come later. Because retirement would cost a lot of money. Or be very complicated. Not with Verloning.nl! We arrange everything for you. You just have to press the button.

How expensive is not expensive then?

You decide that yourself. You can deposit a percentage of your net salary directly into your pension account via Verloning.nl. Do you have other priorities for your money? Then you just turn off the pension. You do not have to pay tax on the money that you do deposit in your pension sccount. So you get the paid income tax back from the Tax Authorities!

And the rules of the game?

The money in your Pension Account is therefore tax-free. But that tax benefit is of course not infinite and not entirely without conditions. Please read the rules below carefully.

Freelance retirement


Is what the tax authorities call the money in your Retirement Account. Annuity is a pension that is only in your name and does not belong to anyone else. It is therefore also referred to as an ‘individual pension’.


The money in your pension account is fixed. To be able to use the tax benefits you must put the money in a blocked account. The money is fixed up to your AOW age.

Annual margin

The annual margin is your personal maximum that you can deposit into a pension account with a tax benefit. Calculate this very easily via this link. Need help? Make a free call appointment.


Every month we automatically deduct your pension investment from the amount to be paid out. You can of course always deposit extra if your annual allowance allows. And do you have other priorities for your money? Then you can switch off the investment on your pension again.

Pension bank Brand New Day

Our partner for retirement. Because of our special cooperation and their excellent products and service, we are sure that you are the best. But experience that for yourself. Schedule a call appointment and they will update you in 15 minutes on how exactly your bill works and what you can do with it.


Very easy: log in to your Verloning.nl account and check ‘Retirement’ on. We then automatically arrange for your account to be created. Because we think it is important that you save pension, we contribute as long as you are a customer at Verloning.nl to the costs of your account. Thanks to our contribution, you also pay less management costs, which benefits your return.

Brand New Day Via Verloning.nl
Closing fee € 45,- € 0,-
Deposit costs 0,50% 0,50%
Management costs 0,59% 0,25%
Periodic deposits Optional Automatic %
Annual service costs € 50,- € 0,-

So sign up quickly and make an appointment with Brand New Day. They explain everything to you calmly and in understandable language. Then we automatically arrange that you will have it just as good as now.

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