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Working with the model agreement

Your client receives a clean invoice for your services and you can rest assured that everything has been well-organized and that there will not be any nasty surprises afterwards. It is also possible that clients recommend us, but you can decide if you want to use our services to be paid for your work and if you want to enjoy the ease offered by Verloning.nl. Because Verloning.nl takes the administrative hassle out of your hands, organizes everything for you, and you can use our many benefits such as training and discounts for free.

The model agreement

We offer you and your client the certainty that everything is organized properly. We set up a model agreement in your account and your client can sign this online without having to worry about printing it first. The work, rate, payment terms, the duration and the fees are recorded in the model agreement. You also use the model agreement to prevent any employment contract and it fully complies with the DBA law. When you do not use our model agreement, we strongly advise you to make clear arrangements with regard to invoicing and payment.

Obviously you determine the activities that must be performed in consultation with your client, but we will gladly assist you to complete the model agreement.

Model agreement demo


Certainty for you and your client

We see more and more clients who place high demands on the hiring of their contractors.

There are clients who, mainly due to the increasing uncertainty of the DBA Act, impose additional requirements on the payments from you / their contractors. If you are covered by social insurance, we not only pay the wage tax and national insurance contributions as standard, but also the employee insurance (WW, WAO, WIA and ZW). This way, you are elligible for any assignment.

By working with Verloning.nl, you no longer have to worry about senseless and complex rules. When you keep to our model agreement, we, as Verloning.nl, take full responsibility for all tax legislation and/or social security legislation for you and your client. We take all costs, additional levies, penalties and interest for our account, even the entire legal procedure if that becomes necessary.

No negotiation with clients about the payment and you immediately receive the money in your account. Regardless of the invoice amount and without any hassle. We work with Factris who insures your invoice at a small fee and pays it in advance. They accept the full collection risk and pay us in advance. You will have the money in your account within one day.

One of the things you can insure is liability. It is always good to limit the risk for liability in the model agreement with your client. But to what extent is that reasonable when you damage the property of others or even worse: to others? You can simply obtain additional insurance for this online.

No one expects that they will need legal assistance, but we encounter a legal conflict from time to time. A conflict could be very expensive due to the legal fees. In addition to being expensive, a legal conflict could also be emotionally draining if you have to do everything yourself. The annual premium for legal aid is also often included and it is a lot cheaper than what a lawyer charges per hour.

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