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Work carefree

With, you can work carefree. That which we expect from everyone we explain in our general agreement. This way we take over your salary administration, we make sure that your money is in your account quickly, and we offer you many benefits, such as courses, training, and much more.

Good agreements

Sign general agreement

In order to sign the general agreement, we ask you to agree to our general terms and conditions and we searched your identity via iDIN and verified it against your passport or identity card. iDIN is a product that was developed by the Dutch banks that we can use to officially identify you online. We only use iDIN to verify your identity. We are legally obligated to verify your identity, because you are on our payroll and because we make payments on your behalf to the tax department.

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Good to know

Good news: our commission includes all costs, regardless of which of our services you use! With our loyalty points you could however buy up to 40% discount in our commission.

To prevent surprises afterwards with your income tax return, we ensure that we always pay all compulsory taxes and that you are always covered in certain cases of long-term sickness. So you receive the net payment. To register, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have a Dutch bank account number
  • charge a minimum of 16 euros per hour excluding VAT and expenses
Customer satisfaction

We are there for you. Your opinion and feedback are very important to us. We want you to do what you do best and we will do the rest. Meanwhile, 50.444 modern workers joined before you. Are you interested to hear what they had to say?


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