No surprises

With Verloning.nl, we take the full process off your hands. In addition to your taxes, your social security is also arranged without a hitch. So that you are never faced with surprises - not even when things get tough.

The compulsory taxes

Verloning.nl ensures that you don’t lose sleep over your administration and that all legally required taxes are paid in advance. The first one that comes to mind is income tax. Depending on your income, this is 0% to 49.5%. If you apply the loonheffingskorting (payroll tax credit) through us, you receive a discount on the income tax owed and you pay no tax on the first 700 euro. In addition, you always contribute to the Healthcare Insurance Act (Zvw). You pay this contribution so that everyone can receive care when it is not insurable. We pay these taxes to the government on your behalf via the advance levy.

Social security



As a working individual, you can end up in a situation where you lose income due to disability (through no fault of your own). Verloning.nl considers the impact of an income higher than 3.000 euro within three months to be so drastic that we ask you to make proper provisions for this. Naturally, we will help you to arrange this, via our benefits.



Loss of income can also occur when your assignment or project ends. Working at one's own account and risk means that you perform work outside an employment relationship. We believe it is important to provide you with sufficient information so that you can make a well-informed decision whether or not to insure unemployment. You can insure unemployment via the UWV or via the security package with Verloning.nl.


Choose the security that suits you

To arrange your remuneration as effectively as possible, we offer you the possibility to choose three remuneration guarantees. Insurance through the UWV, through our Compensation Insurance Package or, under certain conditions, uninsured work. These remuneration insurances relate to loss of income and not to liabilities. If you receive a benefit from the UWV, we always recommend that you remain insured via the UWV.

In development

Verloning Foundation security package

Simplified representation
For more information, visit UWV.nl


Not insured

Costs 12% 18% 0%
Condition Occupational disability Can you practice your current profession? No? Then there is coverage. Appropriate work Can you do other work? Yes? Then there is no coverage. AOV obligation Applicable from € 3,000+ within 3 months.
Own risk 2 months 2 years
Duration of payment Up to 68 years old 2 years
Maximum coverage 4 months € 50,000 per year
After that € 300,000 per year
€ 58,311 per year
Amount of benefit 70% 70%
Guarantee Forever security! Get started yourself
Condition Worked for 1 year Worked ½ year
Own risk 2 months Depending on your situation
Amount of benefit 70% 2 months 75%, then 70%
Maximum coverage € 50,000 per year € 58,311
Implementation Donation circle Verloning Foundation www.uwv.nl

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Are you interested?

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