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With you have the all-in-one solution for modern working. Already 50.714 have preceded you since 2012. We take over the entire accounting from you and neatly arrange all payments, such as all mandatory taxes. After payment or if you want for a small fee, you will receive a net payment without any surprises afterwards. This way we help you save time and stress!

Below you will find a demo version of our invoice module as it looks on our platform.

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Expenses and VAT

Read more about different parts of the invoice below.

If you incur expenses, you can easily declare them to us and, if desired, include them on the invoice for your client. We ensure that the expenses are fiscally attractive when they are necessary for the performance of your profession.

Read more about which expenses you can declare.

When you work as a freelancer, you determine the rate. We do work with a minimum rate of16 euros per hour excluding VAT. You can compare that rate with a minimum wage. We believe that you should have the space to protect yourself properly against working for your own account and risk, but your client is also protected against bogus self-employment.

Read more about the minimum rate.

When you invoice for your services, you will have to deal with VAT. The VAT is added to the invoice and we pay it to the tax authorities. There are different VAT rates depending on the type of service you provide. Such as nine percent for performing artists or zero percent for children under the age of 21. This must be clearly stated on the invoice. You can also transfer the VAT to foreign companies.

Read more about VAT.

When the invoice has been paid by your client, or is paid directly via factoring, we will process this in the period of your choice. Select the time period to which your activities relate. If you paid several invoices in the same period, we will recalculate the payslip free of charge and pay you the net amount after deduction of the net wage already paid.

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