Take control

How do you take control of your income?

Because a CoC registration is definitely not that obvious. We created a useful summary for you, so that you can decide which legal form is most suitable to you, but we will explain the most obvious points to you below. Using entrepreneur check will show you if you will have fiscal benefits from the Chamber of Commerce. For example, have you worked for more than three clients, have you not been working for your client for longer than 1 year, and do you work at least 3 days a week as an entrepreneur?

Are you an IB entrepreneur?

If you DO meet the requirements during the entrepreneurs' check by the tax department, entrepreneurship is, from a fiscal point of view, the best solution due to the numerous discounts you will receive, like the deductions for independant contractors, investors and starters.

This means that apart from doing your work, you must also do your own bookkeeping, you have to work according to the DBA Act and you must cover your own risks with insurance, for example. Piece of Cake! In this case, a CoC registration is the best solution for you!

Are you a ROW entrepreneur?

If you do NOT meet the requirements of the entrepreneurs check, you have no fiscal benefits of entrepreneurship, but obligations, rights, and you will quickly become an independent contractor ... You do not meet the requirements of the DBA Act and this is, thus, also a risk for your client.

Save yourself from the effort and hassle. With Verloning.nl you maintain your freedom, and everything is easily and properly organized.

Do you work via a payroll- or an employment agency?

You can also work via a payroll or employment agency. These companies employ you and, as such, take over the labour law related risks. For temporary employment, this company also does recruitment and selection at a high fee. These costs disappear when you manage your own income. Sometimes this can add up to more than 50% of your income.

Ask for your cost price and calculate your benefit with us without obligation!

Do you also sometimes think about: freelancing, working as a self-employed professional or being in charge as an independent contractor?

That means working completely for your own account and risk, and there is a high probability that that is what is keeping you back.

Luckily you are also your own boss, without the extra effort!



Sole proprietorship ROW

Without CoC but with VAT number

Single proprietorship IT

Private company

View the differences below
Establishment Online Employmentcontract CoC Tax authorities CoC Notary
Costs Commission 5% Commission 5-15% Bookkeeper + CoC registration Bookkeeper + CoC registration Bookkeeper + CoC registration Accountant + establishment notary
Income and Health Insurance Act Wages from employment Wages from employment Result from other activities Result from other activities Income from business Wages from employment
Employee insurance WW and WAO
Disability (from 12.000 revenue)
Administrative relief
VAT declaration taken care of
Self-control over conditions and income
For an indefinite period
DBA act safe
Self-employed persons and starter's allowance
Conclusion Carefree freelancing, your affairs well organized, you are in control! In salaried employment, unburdened like employees No tax benefit, handy with buying and selling No tax benefit, are your administration and securities arranged? Tax very advantageous, are your administration and securities arranged? Tax advantageous from 150k profit, you are in control

Are you interested?

If you would like to discuss your specific situation, please feel free to contact us. We will help you to become your own boss in a way that suits you.