Before you start, you think about the legal form and your business. Are you going to be a freelancer, contractor or independent? It's all the same and it means working at your own expense and risk. In order to avoid surprises afterwards for you and your client, we simply explain the variants here. After all, a Chamber of Commerce registration is not so obvious! So do the entrepreneurial check!

Entrepreneur check of the Tax Authorities

If you meet the business check of the Tax Authorities, doing business tax wise is the best solution for you because of tax benefits such as the self-employed, investment and start-up allowance. Do you feel like and have time for your administration? Do you work in accordance with the DBA Act and are your insurance policies well organized? A Chamber of Commerce registration is the best solution for you!

If you do not meet the entrepreneur check, then you are probably not entitled to the tax benefits of entrepreneurship and you do not work in accordance with the DBA Act, but you do have the duties and risks. With Verloning.nl you have arranged everything easily and properly, such as your insurance policies and all mandatory payments are paid in advance.

We see the trend payrolling more often, a payroll company is there for employers who do not want to hire their staff and buy off their risks at an expensive rate. As a freelancer you get a similar flex contract with obligations and risks that are aimed at employers that you often do not need. That makes freelance payroll an expensive and, in our opinion, a bad solution for freelancers.

Freelance works with the following legal approach

Verloning.nl Payroll Sole proprietorship ROW Without KvK but with VAT number Single proprietorship IT Ltd, Private Company, Private Limited Company
Basis Online Employment contract CoC Tax Authorities CoC Notary
Cost 5% Commission 5-15% Commission Bookkeeper + CoC registration Bookkeeper + CoC registration Bookkeeper + CoC registration Accountant + incorporation of notary
Income and Health Insurance Act Salary from employment Salary from employment Result from other work Result from other work Income from business Salary from employment
Employee insurance WW and WAO
Incapacity for work (from 12.000 turnover)
Administrative relief
VAT declaration taken care of
Self-direction over conditions and income
For an indefinite period of time
DBA Law protected
Self-employed and starter allowance
Conclusion Hassle-free freelancing In paid employment but unburdened like employees Turnover as at 2019 up to 9000 euro Turnover as at 2019 up to 9000 euro Tax benefits if you are a real entrepreneur Favourable at 150,000+ euro profit
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If you would like to discuss your specific situation, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you create the best solution for your situation.

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