Save points

Loyalty program

We are happy to reward you with our collaboration! With our loyalty program you save points for everything we do together. You earn most points with turnover and status, but you also earn points when you log in or perform other activities on our platform. With these points you can buy all kinds of products in our discount shop. We always reward you with at least 1 point per euro turnover.


The longer you are a customer, the higher your turnover. With this turnover you work on even more exclusive benefits, but also on a higher status. With a higher status you earn more points per euro. You start with Bronze where you earn 1 point per euro; and as the most valued customer you will receive the status of Diamant and you will receive 2.5 points per euro. We are continuously working to expand our benefits and many of the limited benefits will be available first to you with a higher status!

Level Bronze

1 point per euro

Level Silver

1,25 points per euro

Level Gold

1,5 points per euro

Level Platinum

2 points per euro

Level Diamond

2,5 points per euro

Earn points

How do you earn points?

We are happy to reward you with our cooperation. See below which points we have available to reward you during our collaboration!

  • log in per day
  • general agreement signed
  • added first client
  • added second client
  • first time factoring applied
  • first paycheck received
  • per paid invoice you receive points based on the invoice amount

Spend points

Purchase benefits

With our loyalty program we want to encourage you to invest in yourself. That is why we arrange benefits for you that make your life better, more beautiful, easier or more fun. Just because you deserve it. View the benefits we have for you below!


Rules for your points

We give you points so that you can invest in yourself and your career. If you no longer use our services, your points will expire after 90 days. When you end the partnership, your points will also expire. Your status will never expire as long as you remain registered with us. Your status and points are not transferable or exchangeable for cash.


Are you interested?

Would you like to discuss your specific situation? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you become your own boss in a way that suits you.