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Known from, for example and the general manager Edward Belgraver are working hard on a better, smarter, and more attractively organized labor market. For example, we write opinion articles and we work on our reputation through, among others: Feyenoord, ZiPconomy, along the highway, the AD, and FD. We like to work on our visibility, together with our partners. Because thanks to more visibility, more people know about our existence and we can help more people to take back control of their lives. Because you really deserve more.

Just score & Feyenoord

Just scoring, that's what life is all about. Whether it's a ball in the opponent's net or a nice invoice that you can submit to your client without any worries. It gives the same feeling: yes, having it under control and winning.

We like that feeling. That is why we are a proud sponsor of Feyenoord, you have probably seen us pass by on the screen and now that you know this, you will certainly notice!

That feeling of winning and being in control also drives us to continuously improve and to reach more modern workers. Because by working through our platform, you have control over your life again. At it's about: you decide and we take over as much of your worries as possible. No unexpected surprises afterward. But security, honest work, and enjoying the many benefits within our community.

Quirky & Independent & ZiPconomy

ZiPconomy is a platform that focuses on the market of highly educated freelancers. This platform has an appealing community for sharing knowledge about developments in the labor market and learning from each other. Only in this way can we create movement and stimulate innovation.

We as are constantly working on providing the right service in an ever-changing labor market, for that reason, we are happy to be a partner of ZiPconomy. This means that we sponsor this platform and regularly share our own knowledge and opinions. Curious about our articles?

Visible on the highway & Ocean Outdoor Nederland

Every six months, between September and March, there is a major campaign with Ocean billboards along the highway. Nice and visible because we want to be seen; and we challenge you to think about your work. Are you in control? Or not yet?

In the rhythm of daily life, you sometimes don't really think about it: you work and that's it. But it can also be done differently. How nice would it be if you could choose your own terms? Pick your own hours? Be well protected against incapacity for work, additional late tax obligations from the tax authorities, and so on. By working through you are back in control, and we want you to have that.

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Have you seen it in the newspaper yet? & the newspaper is on top of the latest developments in the labor market. New rules, new trends, and especially things that concern you as a modern worker. Making sure our service is up-to-date and provides what you really need as a modern worker.

From time to time we send opinion articles to Algemeen Dagblad and Financieel Dagblad to keep you informed of new developments or to share insights about the labor market.

Read all articles from in the Financieel Dagblad here

Heard about us on the radio? & BNR Radio or FunX

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