Impact starts with doing

Corporate Social Responsibility

We feel responsible for your position in the labor market. That is why we are committed to a fair and equal society. These are our social initiatives:

Artists payrolled for free

Prae Artist Payrolling

Artists contribute to our cultural heritage. In addition, they contribute to society by bringing worlds together and offering others a beautiful, relaxing, and unforgettable experience.

Unfortunately, being an artist is not always rosy; and you do like performing but don't like administration. That is why has a special payrolling website for artists. Artists do not have to pay a commission to, which is our contribution to the cultural heritage and our incentive towards artists.

Contract-free society

COVID support for all workers

Corona turned the whole world upside down and made differences and patterns much clearer in one fell swoop. For example, the differences in the labor market. The government quickly provided a support package, which is nice. But what is not nice, and even strange, is that a large part of the working population that was financially hit hard by corona could not request the support package. Not even if 100% of their income suddenly disappeared. Think, for example, of modern workers who were not socially insured, or artists who paid little premium because of the small reimbursement scheme and pensioners who still work. is committed to fairness and equality. We wrote several letters to the UWV and the Ministry of Social Affairs to rectify this situation. Unfortunately without success.

That's why we took initiative ourselves. That fits with our DNA: taking control and responsibility where possible. For example, we set up our own emergency fund, supplemented with NOW support, and we provided financial support to everyone with a loss of income that did not have to be repaid. Simply. Because we have to do it together.

Pilot towards income security

Permanent contract 2.0

Many studies already describe it. Lifetime employability concerns the possibility to remain flexibly employable throughout the working life and to exhibit cross-organizational mobility (Thijssen, 1996). So what if we no longer leave the employment relationship to companies, but to the individual. And we guarantee social security with service providers up to the age of 68, resulting in income security.

Income security makes social security simpler, it gives confidence and peace of mind, making you more likely to do work that makes you happy. Income security leads to a better bargaining position for workers in the labor market and facilitates companies taking growth opportunities. Income security from the individual will lead to creativity, innovation, and higher labor productivity and that ensures HAPPINESS. believes in a contract-free, fair labor market in which income security is central to all workers. is therefore the initiator of the pilot to scientifically demonstrate that workers should not only earn more but also deserve better.

Youth unemployment tackled

Starters grant

All beginnings are difficult, and entering the labor market is no exception. When you have just finished your studies, you start looking for vacancies with hope. But unfortunately, in every vacancy, they ask for at least that many years of work experience. Complicated! Because you have to get that experience somewhere, right?

That is why facilitated the Starters Grant, a concept that has already grown a lot. As a recent graduate, you can quickly gain work experience thanks to the Starters Grant and you will also be paid a nice amount. Your first 'real' job interview is suddenly within reach!


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